MOKIK is based at the center of Prenzlauer Berg and offers an analog mixing room with daylight, space to hang out and to add overdubs. Equipped with Pro Tools, summing via a discrete 24 track TFE desk, blended with outboards like 2 Pendulum Audio Quartet Tube Recording Channels, UREI LA-4, UA1176, SSL G Series Bus Comp, API 2500 Stereo Compressor, GML 8200 EQ, Roland Space Echo, Orban 111 Spring Reverb, Lexicon 480l, Publison CL 20 C, Roland Dimension D... it provides a widely variable workflow for all kind of recordings. The final mixes can be printed straightly analog to a STUDER 810 1/4" tape recorder, monitored by Genelec 1032 & Auratone 5c Sound Cubes. The control room is powered by an MF P12c Power Conditioner.

Norman Nitzsche has worked as a sound engineer for mixing & recording on numerous highly regarded albums.
He now works as a mastering engineer since joining CALYX mastering in 2014.

Greg Freeman is a freelance mixer and producer. He began his career working as a recording engineer at Peter Gabriels Real World Studios, now living and working in Berlin since 2016.

Since their meeting recording Die Regierung´s comeback album Raus at Vox Ton, Norman and Greg now share MOKIK studio and often pool their resources both experience as well as their equipment.
Whether you book Greg and Norman separately or together to work on your next project, you´ll have an experienced team to take you from recording, through mixing, all the way up to your final masters and vinyl cut at Calyx Mastering, Berlin.

Examples of our combined workflows include:
Sharing mix duties and Norman mastering korean supergroup Hyukoh´s first album "23"
Greg´s mixing and Norman´s mastering on
Portico Quartet " Art in the age of automation" and
Low Chimes "Illumine"